What is the best Agile (Scrum,XP) tool? How to select one?

What is the best Agile (Scrum,XP) tool? How to select one? Many people quest for the best agile project management tool in the market. If you browse through websites of agile tools, almost all of them seem to offer similar features that can make quest even difficult. First of all “the best agile tool” is […]

How to avoid building Non-Self-Organizing Teams

A true Agile teams should be “Self Organizing” one.  The Agile principals states that “The best architectures, requirements and designs emerge from self-organizing teams”. Considering that statement true, every manager would like to have such a team, because architecture, design and knowing the requirement well are the building blocks of any product and the superior […]

List of Continuous Integration Tools

  List of Continuous Integration Tools As Continuous Integration practice is becoming more prevalent among the agile teams, the more and more continuous integration servers sprouting up with new features. Many readers want to know the list of continuous integration servers available so here I am publishing a list Continuous Servers available in the market. […]

Agile User Stories and Groomed Project Backlog – with Examples

What is a User Story? Agile is a value based development methodology, where all those features of the product which can add value to the customer are recognized, prioritized and developed based on customer needs.  These valuable features are best described in users own words. Hence finding out who are the users is an important […]

What is Continuous Integration?

Continuous integration Agile development is widely adopted because it’s mantra of providing quality software in less time. It’s seems to be a win-win situation, usually when you put emphasize on quality you spend more time on testing and making sure that everything is working as expected. So question is how come Agile can provide you […]

Agile in developer’s words

I arrive to work at 9:00.  The first thing I do is go to the cafeteria, get my coffee, chat with my colleagues and manager since most of them are present there around same time. After that I go to my desk, outline the work I am going to do today so I have something […]

Agile Velocity

In simple words velocity determines the pace of progress of an Agile team. It’s measure of work completed by an agile team in a specific iteration (sprint). Work completed could be in different units such as Story points, Tasks or hours. Most commonly used unit is Story Point. At the beginning of each iteration, team […]

What is Agile Methodology?

What is Agile Methodology? The literal meaning of agile is to “Able to move quickly and easily”, which pretty much supports the idea of Agile development. Agile methodologies were introduced to quickly and collaboratively build quality software. The Information technology is relatively new as compare to other fields, and when it came to following a […]